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Why Counselling?

Be true to yourself

Do you feel sad, depressed or anxious? Do you feel stuck or just not yourself?  Whatever you are feeling, together we can explore what is going on for you in a safe and confidential space.  There will be no judgement, just empathy and acceptance.

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Be kind to yourself

Life throws surprises at us, good and bad and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we react. In our sessions, you will learn to challenge and accept your thoughts and feelings and give you back the power of choice.

Explore your inner self

We all have different parts of self, a childlike part, an adult part, an angry part, the list goes on.  You may behave differently depending on the person you are with or the environment you are in.  These parts of self can remain hidden but they are still a part of your core self, sitting waiting for you to give them more space.

Relaxing by the Water

Be the best you can be.


It is OK NOT to be OK

We are not feeling great, we are struggling, we feel sad, lonely or we may have lost someone we love.  We don't have to hide this from others.  We need to rid ourselves of the shame of admitting 'I'm struggling'.  Brene Brown, a shame researcher from Texas says 'Shame is the most powerful, master emotion.  It's the fear that we're not good enough'.

What's below the surface

There is so much more to us than what people can see, there is a reason for our behaviour.  What is behind the emotion? What is going on under the surface?  Let us explore together in a safe place.

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